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  • 05/29/2017 02:04:51

    Father's Day - A tradition

    Father’s Day is the occasion to celebrate dads everywhere on their special day.  Children show their appreciation to their dad (and adults to their partner who is also a father) by offering gifts as a sign of love and respect.   Joy and laughter often come as part of the package and through these few small gifts, Dad is honored for the protection and generosity that he provides. Chocolate can be an original idea to celebrate the occasio [...] Continue Reading
  • 04/24/2017 00:17:25

    Chocolate gifts for the mother's day

    May is here, and that means Mother’s Day is coming round again! It’s time to start thinking about all the lovely gifts you can buy. But do you actually know the origins of Mother’s Day? An ancient celebration   The first records of a celebration in honour of mothers date back to the period of Antiquity. In Greece, ceremonies to honour the arrival of spring were organised in Rhea’s glory, the goddess mother of Poseidon and Zeus, and [...] Continue Reading
  • 03/3/2017 04:28:38

    Go on an Easter egg hunt !

    Easter eggs origins Easter time traditions and symbols are steeped in history. Since ancient times, people have celebrated the return of Spring and the rebirth of life. Romans and Egyptians exchanged painted eggs to symbolise the end of harsh, winter months. From the 15th Century onwards, Christians put their eggs to one side during Lent. They were decorated and offered as gifts at Easter to commemorate the ressurection of Christ. It was in the [...] Continue Reading
  • 02/5/2017 19:53:21

    Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

    Make your love even sweeter with chocolate. Give a heart-shaped box of chocolates to make your day together even more passionate. With an assortment of pralines inside a beautiful box, decorated with a heart and geometric patterns in red and pink tones, you’re sure to have an amazing day to remember!   On your hearts, get set, go!  Delicious hearts to enjoy as Valentine’s Day approaches!  17 skillfully made hearts, ful [...] Continue Reading
  • 12/6/2016 22:43:48

    Christmas, of history, tradition, and... chocolate.

    Whenever winter is fast approaching, chocolate lovers have something to warm their taste buds at Christmas time by enjoying chocolate logs, pralines, biscuits and chocolate truffles. But have you ever really wondered about where the traditions that mark this Christmas period originated from?   Christmas, a pagan then Christian festival, but above all familial  Christmas festivities are rooted in pagan beliefs and transmissions. In fact, th [...] Continue Reading
  • 11/16/2016 04:28:16

    Saint Nicholas, a chocolate tradition

    Saint Nicholas' Day is a holiday in the month of December that is celebrated in many European countries. This is the case in, for example, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK. The traditions and origins of the holiday might be different depending on the location, but all have one common element: they involve distributing gifts and sweets to children.   First, a man. At the root of the holiday and the character that accompanies it is a [...] Continue Reading
  • 11/8/2016 03:59:29

    The macaron of November

      Salted Butter Caramel Its time for our next macaron of the month, this time inspired by Breton confectionery. As the freshness becomes increasingly apparent, the softness of this macaron will warm you and your loved one's hearts. While tasting this delicacy, imagine the sound of the sugar caramelizing in the pan before being mixed with the cream and salted butter... This homemade reciped of our master macaron makers is a small bite of Britta [...] Continue Reading
  • 09/28/2016 16:01:28

    Luxurious spreads with new recipes

    Deluxe Set of Chocolate Spreads Composed of three pots of chocolate spread, this deluxe set created by our master chocolate makers was designed to bring back memories of childhood teatimes. Discover new gourmet flavours made with hazelnuts, speculoos and 72% dark chocolate, which you can eat directly from the spoon, or spread on bread, waffles and crepes.   Nostalgic memories, modern tastes The first signs of autumn tend to create a feel [...] Continue Reading
  • 07/18/2016 12:19:04

    What if chocolate could make you smarter?

      Good News! Chocolate would improve your cognitive ability !   There are lots of scientific studies aiming at knowing if chocolate offers proven positive effects within the organism of praline, caraque or truffle lovers. If theories say that enjoying a piece of chocolate once a week enables us to fight cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular accident risks, another theory now connects chocolate to intellectual capacities.  Th [...] Continue Reading
  • 06/26/2016 07:25:50

    Macarons in Brussels

    Colorful and tasteful gift box of macarons The arrival of summer and its high temperatures won't keep you from eating chocolates, especially if those are artisanal and made by master chocolate makers. This is being the case of chocolate macarons, which are light and fresh products, genuine candy to be savored and shared throughout summer, and so much more! It only takes a look at these pastel colors to be charmed and let yourself l [...] Continue Reading
  • 05/20/2016 11:40:35

    Recipe chocolate chip cookies with sea salt

    Today we are honoring the culinary talents of Kochkarussell who baked a delicious chocolate chip cookie with our original chocolate. Mia shares the secrets of her recipe and we are not afraid to admid that we are absolutely addicted to her cookies! Mia:  I love cookies. There’s only one tiny problem. Waiting for the dough makes me exhausted. While the dough sets in the fridge, I like to wolf down a). a bar of chocolate or b). the packa [...] Continue Reading
  • 04/11/2016 14:13:36

    Recipe for a delight Chocolate Cheesecake

    Today we honor the culinary talents of SiaSoulfood who made a delicious chocolate cheesecake using our original dark chocolate. Sia is sharing the secrets of her recipe and frankly, we fell in love! Sia : Today, all chocoholics are getting their money’s worth, because I’m taking you to choco-heaven. There is an absolutely delicious, lightly creamy and chocolatey Chocolate Cheesecake! That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, I’m alrea [...] Continue Reading
  • 06/29/2015 05:55:51

    Making Chocolate Mendiants - The recipe

    In the Planet Chocolate workshop, the chocolatiers also make caracks, chocolate shapes without fillings, hollow subjects, truffles, mendiants, nougatines,  orangettes… by means of an artisanal method.  How we make mendiants at Planète Chocolat The liquid chocolate is first spread out over a marble table in order to pre-crystallize it. This process is essential since it enables the temperature of the chocolate to be reduced to 30-32 d [...] Continue Reading
  • 09/30/2014 19:08:33

    Planète Chocolat tasting in Dusseldorf

    Planète Chocolat, scored an outright hit with its special tasting event, held at the prestigious Breidenbacher Hof Hotel in Dusseldorf. We created these beautiful miniature bags for the hotel, each containing what we do best: lovingly created pralines in the purest tradition of Belgian chocolate, of the kind we have been producing since 1991: At the event, our guests had the opportunity to delight in discovering our chocolates and to make [...] Continue Reading
  • 02/6/2014 07:53:00

    A gourmet day in Brussels

    Pictures, Miss Belgium, Belgian chocolate and action! Joy, lightheartedness, good mood - this is what comes to mind when our beautiful city of Brussels is mentioned! We wanted to help you (re)discover our chocolates - which we have enthusiastically produced since 1991 - in this friendly setting. When we opened our online chocolate boutique,, it was important to bring a series of new up-to-date visuals to illustrate the diffe [...] Continue Reading
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