Top quality Belgian Chocolate made with
100% pure cocoa butter, free from GMO,
preservatives and artificial colourings.


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  • 05/20/2016 11:40:35

    Recipe chocolate chip cookies with sea salt

    Today we are honoring the culinary talents of Kochkarussell who baked a delicious chocolate chip cookie with our original chocolate. Mia shares the secrets of her recipe and we are not afraid to admid that we are absolutely addicted to her cookies! Mia:  I love cookies. There’s only one tiny problem. Waiting for the dough makes me exhausted. While the dough sets in the fridge, I like to wolf down a). a bar of chocolate or b). the packa [...] Continue Reading
  • 05/2/2016 04:56:29

    What is a praline ?

    What is being called a “praline”?   In semantic terms in the French language, a praline refers to an almond or hazelnut coated confectionery with caramelized sugar. In Belgium, a “praline” is defined by a chocolate candy with a filling. Note that the term “praline” is Belgian in its origin. In France, they talk about small, round chocolates “crotte de chocolat” to describe what the Belgians call pralines. It should be added tha [...] Continue Reading