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06/3/2024 11:34:23

End of the school year, which gift to offer to teachers?



Thank you teacher 

Be grateful for what you learn from the others.’ This quote is relevant especially when dealing with our children’s teachers. Only a few days away from the end of the school year, we have been thinking about the best gift idea and best way to thank our children’s teachers (and of course, nannies and classroom assistants). These people are by our children’s side daily and they are the ones who help them grow up and evolve. So, who is better able to answer our questions than teachers themselves? We have therefore chosen to ask a few of them and find out their top 5 favourite gifts.



N°1 : personalised gifts !


Hand-craft gift from children


So, what’s the best gift idea for a teacher? Personalised gifts, hand-made cards and drawings as well as DIY gifts are undoubtedly very popular, as testified by Julie, grade 1 teacher and Lucille, prep teacher. According to them, these gifts reflect, in its purest form, a child’s love for his teacher. Edouard, middle school teacher, is fond of technology and testifies that he prefers ‘high-tech’ gifts. Luccia, prep teacher and Chabadou, kindergarten teacher both love plants and lovely flower bouquets, as these always refresh and brighten their home or classroom.

Sophie, who is a lower primary trainee teacher, has baffled us with what she terms her ‘holidays assortment gift’ which comprises sunscreen, sunglasses and beach towel. Who would have thought about this?



Why not chocolate ?

 Thank you chocolate gift box


Nevertheless, chocolate remains THE unbeatable gift (yes, our teachers have a sweet tooth and we should not forget that chocolate helps fight depression and is a much-appreciated treat after such a long school year!). Delphine has confirmed this fact: ‘I loved receiving this lovely chocolate in the form of a pencil case; I am fond of chocolate and it was delicious!” For this reason, Planète Chocolat offers you a “thank-you gift box” filled with an assortment of pralines made with 100% pure cocoa butter, without GMO, colouring or preservatives and crafted by our master chocolatiers. What a beautiful way to celebrate your child’s teacher and to thank them in the best possible way! Just like there are a thousand different ways to say thank you, the gift box offers you a thousand different chocolate praline flavours to choose from (well, technically only 18, but that’s already a good start!)




Cadeaux des professeurs 


 The Secret Life of an American Teacher


 Toronto Teacher Mom

 Here is my "top 5":

1. Hand drawn card, note, or picture. Something straight from the heart means the most to me!

2. A framed photo with the student or class.

3. Little things that made me know they actually listen to what I like, like my favorite candies, nail polishes in my favorite colors, and items with my university logo or sports teams.

4. Giftcards!  My students know I have a Starbucks addiction, so I've gotten quite a few of those. 

5. Hugs.  I'm a simple woman, and it doesn't get much better than a great big hug from a kiddo!  

  The best gifts always include a handwritten note, usually a thank you note, from a student explaining how my class has helped them. Coffee gift cards are also great!


  My top 5 is:

1. Handmade crafts - A simple handmade card or a piece of artwork is gesture enough.

2. Chocolate - Enough said.

3. Gift cards - This one can be a bit tricky because I might not shop at certain stores but the kids seem to know how much I like coffee and will get a card for one of the popular coffee shops.

4. Office/teacher supplies - I particularly love sticky notes, quality whiteboard markers and magnets. Stickers and other rewards to give back to students are also great.

5. Children's books - Book donations to the school library are fantastic and I could always use new French books for my personal library on wheels that my students will enjoy.


Primary school teacher in England


English high school teacher near Los Angeles


Elementary French teacher in Toronto


 Charivari à l'école



 I really like the gifts crafted by the students or their mums. (..) Being a sweet tooth, I also thoroughly enjoyed receiving a chocolate pencil case and it was delicious! Last but not least, I also love receiving those special 'teacher' jewellery gifts.

   Here are the top 5 favourite gifts that I have liked/ like/ would like to receive at the end of the year:

-DIY/ home-made objects (packed baskets, jewellery, pencil case...

-Chocolates and other delicacies

-Drawings with nice sayings

-Personalised, special 'teacher' gifts


  In my opinion, I find it particularly touching that parents and/or students team up and offer a common gift. To me, these objects represent more than just gifts; they are a nice gesture, a good intention and a beautiful message.



Primary school teacher in France


Kindergarten teacher in France


Lower primary trainee teacher in France



 Top 10 - End of year gift ideas



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