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Top quality Belgian Chocolate made with
100% pure cocoa butter, free from GMO,
preservatives and artificial colourings.


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05/10/2017 23:42:21

Why is Belgian chocolate world famous?

Several objective reasons justify the worldwide reputation of Belgian chocolate:

  • - The cocoa beans used inBelgiumare of extraordinary quality. Their origin is carefully chosen and its fabrication underlies strict rules.
  • - The roasting and crushing of the cocoa beans require special attention. (For comparison inBelgiumcocoa beans are reduced to 12 microns, inGreat Britainto 24 microns).
  • - The ingredients that are used to produce chocolate are all of superior quality.
  • - The required minimum amount of cocoa for dark chocolate is 35%, in reality often even 45%. Planète Chocolat’s Dark Chocolate has a percentage of 74% cocoa which explains its intense and delicious taste.

The chocolaterie Planète Chocolat also cultivates its know-how and its passion for chocolate, which is passed on from generation to generation. 

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