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06/19/2017 17:52:36

Nuremberg opens its doors to Planète Chocolat

Planète Chocolat in Nuremberg


Chocolate lovers were present in crowds on Monday the 20th of June at the Nuremberg Centre to welcome the chocolate artisans from Planète Chocolat for the opening of their second shop centred around the theme of gluttony and of the traditional Belgian chocolate. Gourmets will be able to discover the best of the Belgian chocolate through different artists’ pralines, truffles, caraques or by enjoying a homemade hot chocolate pure ganache, which will undoubtedly be a source of fantasy for the greedy!

Planète Chocolat is first and foremost a team of hedonistic, talented and passionate chocolate-makers who strive to make known to the world the culture and savoir-faire of the Belgian chocolate artisans. Based on this mindset, the store’s second storey will be entirely devoted to production workshops where chocolate and praline lovers will have the opportunity to watch demonstrations and discover the fascinating story of chocolate production through mini interactive workshops.


Nuremberg and Chocolate, a centuries-old love story

Planète Chocolat in Nuremberg

Thanks to the Nuremberg people, Germans now love chocolate. In 1641, Johann Georg Volkamer, who was a famous German doctor, naturalist and writer originally from Nuremberg, brought back home from his travel to Italy a precious packet of cocoa and decided to share this treat, which has astonishing aphrodisiac properties! Being the entry point of chocolate in Germany, Nuremberg was therefore chosen as the location for Planète Chocolat’s second shop to share and retell the story through exciting demonstrations and workshops. With their main concern of preserving the tradition of chocolate, Planète Chocolat will appeal to all your senses through exceptional flavours such as the ganache with the delicate Toulouse violet, macaroons with fresh, fruity and chocolate fragrances, pralines made from the best beans originating from Ouganda, Ecuador, Peru, Papua New Guinea… Exciting sensations to discover at the Nuremberg Centre at: 

Ludwigsplatz 1a
90403 Nürnberg

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