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Chocolate Christmas Holidays: Which destination to pick?

Voyage destination chocolat

Which destination to pick?

Passion for chocolate? Are these sweets a part of your Christmas tradition? Maybe your next vacation should have a chocolate theme! Here are five places to visit in the world of chocolate.



Home to the first chocolatiers, this Mexican state is considered by many to be the birthplace of chocolate. It’s even part of the local culture; chocolate is featured in many of the specialty dishes local to the region. From the different chocolate sauces to the spiced chocolates, not to mention the alcoholic drinks, all is available to be tasted in Oaxaca. [De quoi enflammer votre palais!] 


Located in Pennsylvania, the town of Hershey is also known as the sweetest destination in the world. Here, you ‘ll be wowed by all the sugary delicacies on offer, including the chocolatey ones. But when a chocolate lover finds themselves in Hershey, a visit to the factory called Chocolate World is a must. Take a guided tour to see in detail the process by which the chocolate is produced. And most of all, don’t miss the tasting – when you’ll get to try a wide range of chocolatey goods, from intense dark ones to milky, creamy ones.


Those acquainted with the Asian continent should pencil in plans to Japan, more precisely, to the city of Hokkaido, for their chocolate-themed Christmas adventure. Chocolate lovers won’t be disappointed! This city is home to the famous Shiroi Koibito Park, known for its cookies with a flavor from heaven. Also not to be missed is the chocolate factory, which offers tours exploring every stage of the chocolate’s assembly. There’s exclusive chocolate items to be sampled there as well.


For those with a desire for a sunny Christmas getaway, what better than a stop in Australia? In the city of Fremantle you’ll find a chocolate factory that’s world-renowned. A full range of chocolate products, including chocolate bars, are available for you to taste at the Chocolate Factory of Fremantle. [Là-bas, ce n'est pas la peine de regarder la ligne, profitez tant que vous le pouvez ! C'est quand même du chocolat que l'on parle ;)]


Situated on the Costa Blanca, Villajoyosa, or the Joyful Town, is aptly named. Everyone can find some happiness there, especially chocolate enthusiasts. They’re spoiled here by the Valor Chocolates factory, where an assortment of every taste, color and shape of chocolate is produced. Among the confections, the chocolate fritters, the local specialty, is highly recommended, for those seeking a real pleasure.

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