Top quality Belgian Chocolate made with
100% pure cocoa butter, free from GMO,
preservatives and artificial colourings.


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Chocolate Delivery in Germany


Germany is a great country, loaded with history. From its deep involvement in the First and Second World Wars, the country was subjected to numerous torments during the 50’s. Today, it is the centre of Europe, from a geographical point of view as much as a political one. Strengthened by their past, the German people have acquired a well-known rigour. Within these standards, chocolate has a central place.


The consumption of chocolate in Germany


The Germans love chocolate in all its forms. Whether it’s bars of chocolate or bonbons, they eat on average 11.6kg per person, per year! This is nearly double the French consumption 

Belgian pralines selection Germany  

In addition to being great consumers, the Germans are equally producers. Several of the large chocolate brands exported worldwide belong to Germany. Moreover, Germany’s turnover from chocolate sales is 5.2 billion dollars. Despite this enormous number, the country well known for hosting Oktoberfest is far behind the USA and even Switzerland.


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Order our chocolates to the Brandenburg Gate !


Needless to say, we deliver our chocolates in Germany. To order, go to our store and select the chocolates that you would like. Continue to your basket and select "Germany" as the delivery destination. That’s all there is to it, you'll be able to eat our Belgian chocolates at the remains of the Berlin Wall !