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100% pure cocoa butter, free from GMO,
preservatives and artificial colourings.


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Chocolate gift delivery to Afghanistan

Chocolate delivery to Afghanistan


  • Kabul
  • Herat
  • Kandahâr
  • Mazar-e-Charif
  • Jalalabad
  • Kondôz
  • Pol-e Khomri
  • Maimana
  • Sheberghan
  • Taloqan
  • Baglan
  • Ghazni
  • Charikar
  • Khulm
  • Lashkar Gah
  • Khanabad
  • Farâh
  • Emam Saheb
  • Gurian
  • Faïzâbâd
  • Andkhoi
  • Sar-é Pol
  • Aybak
  • Zarandj
  • Gardez
  • Aqchah
  • Chahab
  • Paghman
  • Qal'eh-ye Zal
  • Kushk
  • Balkh
  • Qala-I-Naw
  • Asadabad
  • Rustaq
  • Bamiyan
  • Sang Charak
96h Express delivery

Express delivery with DHL chocolate delivery

1/ Order before 2 pm.
2/ Your package will be shipped the same day.
3/ Delivery within 4 days.


When will my chocolate be delivered ?

Deliveries are sent to the address you have provided via DHL EXPRESS from Monday until Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

How much are the delivery charges ?

Planète Chocolat offers you secure methods of payment. Our delivery charges for Afghanistan are €42.96 including tax.









Before 2 PM Shipped on the same day Shipped Monday
After 2 PM Shipped the next day Shipped Monday

Is delivery also possible on weekends or public holidays ?

Unfortunetly, no , DHL only delivers from Monday to Friday between 08:00 - 18:00 and does not work during public holidays.


Have artisanal chocolate delivered to Afghanistan


Would you like to send a thank-you gift to a close friend who is now living in Afghanistan? Do you have a former colleague who has left to work in Afghanistan and you'd like to send him a little something from Brussels? Treat yourself to a present that will make an impression: fine Belgian chocolate! Thanks to a service that delivers chocolate products to Afghanistan, made available to you by Planète Chocolat, nothing could be easier. 

Belgian Pralines

Chocolate in Afghanistan: a limited market


It should be noted that Afghanistan, in addition to the geopolitical hazards and turmoil of history, is not a country where it's easy to find chocolate. In KabulHerat, KandaharMazar-i-Sharif and Jalalabad, both small stores and larger ones offer only very bitter black chocolate or milk chocolate that seems tasteless to an educated palate. That doesn't necessarily mean that Afghans don't love chocolate, just the opposite! Nevertheless, as with the majority of countries in this part of Central Asia, there isn't much education about fine foods. In addition, the continental climate gives residents very hot and dry summers, not good conditions for eating or storing chocolate.


Chocolate, a gift whose success is always guaranteed


Why not let your Afghan friends taste some Belgian chocolate that has been conceived and created by Planète Chocolat? Throughout the year, there are numerous opportunities to do so, whether private events such as weddings or births or cultural and religious celebrations. If you are currently in Afghanistan for professional reasons, think about giving yourself a little treat by ordering chocolate bars and truffles or ganache. To do this, all you have to do is go to Planète Chocolat's site, then confirm your order by providing your shipping address. Planète Chocolat's teams will work to send you your favorite chocolate wherever you find yourself in Afghanistan.