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Top quality Belgian Chocolate made with
100% pure cocoa butter, free from GMO,
preservatives and artificial colourings.


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Valentine's day gift - Chocolate

  • Heart-shaped box of chocolates
  • Chocolates for the Valentine's day
  • Bouquet of chocolates for Valentine's day
  • French kiss praline made of strawberry ganache in the shape of a mouth


Looking for a gourmet gift idea for Valentine’s Day?

Everything is ready to make your Valentine's Day a success... or almost. Surprise your other half with sweets by making your choice from our traditional Belgian chocolates and share a unique experience for two.
Browse the selection below for an original idea. Planète Chocolat celebrates people in love every day of the year!


 Boite de chocolat en coeur

Heart-shaped box of chocolates

Discover our assortment of chocolates specially made for Valentine's Day in a heart-shaped red velvet box.

Customize your gift by having your other half's name written on a praline fondant heart. 


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 Coeur personnalisable en chocolat fondant doré

Customisable praline heart

Customisable chocolate heart with your words: "I love you," or "Je t'aime." And why not ask our master chocolatiers to write the name of your other half on the golden chocolate?

Discover a delicious praline inside the chocolate fondant heart.


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Ballotin Chocolat Saint-Valentin

250 g “kiss” box

30 heart-shaped pralines in a selection of 12 amazing flavors. 


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Caraque en forme de coeur pour Saint-Valentin

Heart caraques

The shape changes, the taste stays the same.

Accompanied by a personalised message, these little chocolate hearts will be excellent messengers to show your affection to the recipient.


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 Roméo et Juliette en Chocolat Saint-Valentin

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare's most famous couple composed into a selection of flavours in the likenesses of Romeo and Juliet.

Selection of 18 pralines with amazing flavours accompanied by 2 caraques decorated with little hearts, all in a beautiful wood setting. 


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Lettre en Chocolat pour la Saint-Valentin

Chocolate Letter

Want to offer a fine chocolate representing the first letter of your other half's name?

Or you can create your own word with chocolate letters.


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Gingembre enrobé de chocolat pour la Saint-Valentin


Thin slices of candied ginger coated with 60% dark chocolate.

Ginger is renowned for its aphrodisiac properties, making these little treats the perfect companion for your most romantic nights. Ginger is also good for you if you lack energy, thanks to its stimulating and invigorating characteristics.


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Boite praline pour amoureux

Cute Box 6 of Pralines

The perfect gift to celebrate and give pleasure to your other half.

Chocolate lovers will completely find their happiness. 


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Praline bouche French-kiss pour la Saint-Valentin

"French kiss"

Create a praline box with their favourite flavours.

And find our chocolates made of strawberry ganache in the shape of a mouth, an extreme pleasure to taste for two…or even offer our Brazilian praline heart. 


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Cosmétique au chocolat belge pour la Saint-Valentint

Chocolate massage 

Give a massage with natural cocoa for Valentine's Day.

Designed for easy application, your hands will slide perfectly for optimal relaxation.


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Bouquet de Bruxelles en chocolat pour la Saint-Valentin

Brussels bouquet

Can’t decide between flowers or chocolate?

The creativity of our chocolatiers ends your agonizing dilemma by presenting you with our spectacular chocolate bouquets.

 Because of its very fragile character, this bouquet of chocolate petals is delivered with our care and is only available in the 19 communes of Brussels.


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Joindre un message à votre cadeau pour la Saint-Valentin

Attach a message

Make your gift complete and attach a personalised message just for your other half. This envelope will be inserted into the front pocket of a luxurious velvet chocolate-coloured bag. 


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