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Chocolate gift delivery to Equatorial Guinea

Chocolate delivery to Equatorial Guinea


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120h express delivery

Express delivery with DHL chocolate delivery

1/ Order before 2 pm.
2/ Your package will be shipped the same day.
3/ Delivery within 5 days.


When will my chocolate be delivered ?

Deliveries are sent to the address you have provided via DHL EXPRESS from Monday until Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

How much are the delivery charges ?

Planète Chocolat offers you secure methods of payment. Our delivery charges for Equatorial Guinea are €42.96 including taxes.









Before 2 PM Shipped on the same day Shipped Monday
After 2 PM Shipped the next day Shipped Monday


Is delivery also possible on weekends or public holidays ?

Unfortunetly, no , DHL only delivers from Monday to Friday between 08:00 - 18:00 and does not work during public holidays.


Delivering chocolate to Equatorial Guinea


Do you live Equatorial Guinea and want to give gourmet chocolate as a gift for a birthday,marriage or the winter holidays? Has your ladylove left to spend a few weeks in Equatorial Guinea and you want to send a Valentine’s Day gift? In these two examples, your online store specializing in artisanal chocolate products, Planète Chocolat, is on your side. In fact, our teams are at your disposal to deliver your gourmet gifts to Equatorial Guinea and all of Africa


Belgian Pralines

Cocoa and Equatorial Guinea: a long history


Equatorial Guinea was one of the first countries in Africa to cultivate cocoa beans. This was due to the Spanish who, during the 17th century, hoped to cultivate the crop they had discovered in the new world New World. The strategic location would be the island of Fernando Pó, located off the coast of Equatorial Guinea. It's notable that at the end of the 1950s, the Spanish colony had the highest per capita income on the continent. Its revenues were obtained just due to cocoa exports. Nevertheless, this success stopped with independence in 1968, notably because of the eleven-year reign of a dictator who ruined the agricultural sector. As a result, Equatorial Guinea has never regained its former place in terms of cocoa production. In 1969, annual cocoa production was 36,000 tons, which collapsed to only 4,800 tons in 2000. 


Oil replaces cocoa


The Island of Bioko, which was previously called Fernando Pó, is seeing the increasingly sharp decline of the agricultural plantations which once made it rich. The farms were abandoned and the old cocoa fields are being sold parcel by parcel to oil operators. Only Spanish cocoa producers that were there before independence remain. The oil boom on Bioko is slowly overshadowing the fact that thirty years ago this area was known for its "Amalonado Dorado" variety of cocoa (golden melon) which is highly prized by Belgian, Swiss and French artisanal chocolatiers.